Family Dentistry

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry refers to a dental practice that has the capability to address oral health throughout every stage of life. These dentists are qualified to deliver comprehensive oral care and treatments for children of all ages. The most common services offered at a family dental practice are cavity identification and fillings, fluoride treatments, orthodontics, regular cleanings, and treatments for gum disease. No matter what stage of life you are in, the main goal of a family dental practice is to ensure your dental needs are taken care of.

What are The Benefits of Family Dentistry?

One of the biggest benefits to choosing a family dentist is the convenience of all family members are seen at one dental practice. A family dentist may offer more than one specialty in their practice, allowing for a family to get all their dental needs taken care of at one location. When you’re able to make back-to-back appointments for not only yourself but your family, you can spend more time enjoying your day.

Family dentists also have ample experience with younger children and recognize that some children may be hesitant to visit a dentist in the beginning. By choosing a dentist with a calm demeanor who can explain every step of the process, your child will no longer fear the dentist and begin to develop good oral habits. The same practice can see your children into adulthood allowing them to enjoy a consistency and continuity with their care.

By staying at the same dental practice, you and your family will receive top of the line personalized care. Your dental team gets to know you, and your family, and will be able to recommend treatments based on the dental history you have with them.

At Family Fraser Dental Clinic, we have years of experience working with both kids and adults. Contact us today to schedule your next dental appointment!

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