How can I feel relaxed going into the dentist?

Many people avoid going to the dentist because it causes them anxiety or fear. At Fraser Family, we want our patients to feel comfortable and anxiety free when they come for a cleaning or treatment.  Our goal is to provide a friendly, relaxed environment, allowing the patient to have a stress free experience.

Our office provides IV Sedation to our patients to help them relax.  This service can be done for most of our procedures including regular dental cleanings. Do not hesitate to talk to our staff, and we can discuss how we can make you feel more comfortable during your dental procedure.  Our team will ensure you have a ride to and from your appointment to keep you safe and comfortable during and after the procedure.

IV Sedation:

  • Our IV process provides the highest level of sedation compared to other options such as oral or inhalation.
  • The IV Sedation is quick, and flows right to the patient’s bloodstream.
  • At Fraser Family we customize each patient’s sedation depending on the patient’s health history to minimize risk and reduce any chance of complications.
  • The patient is somewhat awake during the procedure, but will most likely not remember anything once the treatment is finished.

Recovery is minimal, and the procedure is pain free and relaxing for the patient. We will discuss each patient’s medical history to ensure we know about any existing or past medical conditions to consider while treating our patients.

Don’t wait if you need professional dental assistance with your teeth or gums.  Our team is here to help make your experience an exceptional one.

Call or email Fraser Family today to schedule your appointment, and learn more about IV Sedation dentistry.

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