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What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable teeth designed to replace missing teeth. Depending on how many natural teeth you still have, our dental team will either recommend full or partial dentures. We take pride in creating our dentures to match your existing teeth, so they will blend in. Dentures require daily oral hygiene and our staff will go over the recommended cleaning process.

Patients may be asked to choose between a “conventional” or “immediate” denture if they are getting a complete set. Immediate dentures are made in advanced and available once all teeth have been removed allowing patients to have teeth during the healing process. Adjustments will have to be made on immediate dentures once the gums have completely healed to ensure a proper fit. Conventional dentures are made once the gums have healed from having teeth removed, which on average takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Getting Dentures

The process of getting dentures will happen during a series or appointments spread across several weeks. Your custom dentures are made from molds taken during one of your appointments. Our goal is to make comfortable fitting dentures that you can feel good wearing. You may be scheduled for “fitting” appointments to help ensure the denture is the proper fit, shape, and color. At your last appointment we will double check that the denture is adjusted a placed offering a natural fit.

Speech difficulty and temporary chewing are normal when you are first getting used to wearing your new denture. Your gums may also be tender, and your saliva productivity may increase. These are only temporary and will fade away once your tissues and muscles get used to your new denture. If you feel these symptoms are not going away, please contact our office so that we may check the fit on your dentures.