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I.V. Sedation - Sleep Dentistry

At Fraser Family Dental, we understand that for some of our patients the thought of visiting the dentist brings on feelings of being anxious. We want our patients to know that we offer IV Sedation to patients who need help to relax during their dental visits. Sedation dentistry is available for most of our procedures including routine dental cleanings. When making your appointment please let our friendly staff know about your anxiety and if you will be able to have a ride home from your appointment, as this will help determine the type of sedation we will use.

IV Sedation is one of the most frequent techniques used to help patients who become anxious during their appointments. It offers the highest level of sedation when compared to oral or inhalation methods. IV Sedation goes directly into your bloodstream and will take effect very quickly, it also allows of staff to tailor to sedative amount for each patient to help reduce the risk of side effects and complication. Patients will still be slightly awake during their procedure but due to the amnesic effect will have a hard time remembering it after they have recovered from the sedation. Patients typically have a quicker recovery time allowing them to head home faster once their appointment is complete. IV Sedation is used mainly for oral surgery where the procedures will take longer to complete. This allows our patients to feel relaxed and pain-free during wisdom tooth extractions, implant placements, or restorative dental procedures.

It is important during your consultation to make our staff aware of your medical background and current medical issues. We especially need to be made aware if you are currently suffering, or have suffered, from cardiac disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and hypertension as these may require clearance from your physician prior to sedation. Based on your health we will either recommend moving forward with IV sedation, or we will go over other options to help ensure you have a stress-free and pain-free procedure.