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Root Canal Procedures

Root canals are common dental procedures with millions of teeth each year having the procedure done on them. At Fraser Family Dental Practice, we recommend this procedure when a tooth has become decayed or badly infected. If the damaged tooth is left untreated an abscess may form causing the surrounding gums can become infected.

When a tooth’s pulp or nerve is damaged it will begin to break down cause bacteria to form within the pulp chamber. Left untreated this can lead to an abscessed tooth (pus-filled pocket below the tooth) or an infection. In addition to an infection within the tooth itself it can also spread through other areas on the face and bone loss may start near the root tips. Most damage to a tooth’s pulp or nerve can be attributed to repeated dental procedures on that specific tooth, large fillings, decay, or a chip/crack to the tooth.

The treatment for a root canal will, on average, take 2 visits to be completed. A local anesthesia will be used to ensure that there is minimal pain, or discomfort, associated with the procedure. We will make an opening in the top of your tooth and then remove the nerves from within the roots and the rest of the tooth. Once the inside of the tooth has been cleaned it will be filled with a rubber-like material to help curtail further infections. A temporary crown will be placed until the permanent crown is made.

After the procedure it is normal to feel a slight discomfort in that area for the next few days. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled, and your permanent crown will be placed. You can follow your normal routine for brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash. Please contact our friendly office staff at Fraser Family Dental Practice to schedule your consultation!