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Teeth Cleaning

Many patients wonder what is involved during a teeth cleaning appointment. Some people fear the noises, potential discomfort in the jaw, and the daunting looking instruments. At Fraser Family Dental Practice, we believe that when our patients know what to expect they will be able to relax and enjoy the results of a beautifully cleaned mouth.

Once patients are escorted back to a procedure room your dental hygienist will go over what will be done during the appointment. An exam of your entire mouth will be done, along with x-rays if they are due. During the exam a small mirror is used to see behind the teeth along the gum line, this helps to see if there are any signs of gingivitis. Next a scaler will be used, along with the small mirror, to help scrap away the tartar and plaque between your teeth along with your gum line. During this process it is normal to hear a scraping noise and some patients wear headphones to help drown it out. To keep the scraping portion of an exam to a minimum it is important to brush and floss at home to prevent tartar from building up.

Once the tartar has been removed our hygienists will use a high-powered electric brush, along with a gritty toothpaste, to help ensure all tartar is removed. This gritty toothpaste is only used at the dental office and is not recommended for use at home due to a potential to wear down tooth enamel if used too often. Lastly, we will floss your teeth to not only make sure we have removed everything between your teeth, but to go over proper flossing technique. Once the flossing is done we will have you rinse your mouth and go over any trouble spots. Before your appointment is over we will schedule your next routine cleaning. Please contact our office to schedule your consultation, or your next cleaning!