When do I need braces?

You may notice your teeth are not perfectly straight, and are wondering at what point you will need braces. Braces are fixed appliances that align or straighten teeth by using pressure to slowly move them into place. Over time, the wire is tightened and this moves the teeth into place. Braces are the most common option used today.  We do have other options available such as Invisalign.

Signs you may need braces:

  • Your teeth look overcrowded and crooked.
  • Your baby teeth are lost early and your adult teeth have come in.
  • You have difficulty chewing food or bite the side of your cheek.
  • Your jaw bothers you, or you notice a sound when moving your jaw around.

Usually braces are recommended between the ages of 10 and 14, but many adults also choose to get braces later in life if they are unhappy with their smile. At Fraser Family we will provide you with an orthodontic consultation to discuss all of your options, and come up with an individualized treatment plan.  We will use diagnostic techniques to determine your plan such as making a mold of your teeth, taking photographs, and x-rays.

We also offer aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign is a product where mouth trays are custom made to be worn over time in a specific sequence to move your teeth into place.

After your braces have come off, we will recommend either removable or permanent retainers to keep your teeth in place and avoid future issues.

If you are interested in braces and all of our options, call or email Fraser Family today to schedule your orthodontic consultation.

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